Your secure parking solution

Our team puts at your disposal a covered and secure parking, available 7 days a week. This discreet solution is ideal for a short or long stay, as well as for stowage and security. As a bonus: our agency offers you a transfer towards the airport !

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Security near the airports 

of the French Riviera

Park your vehicle in or near the airport car park is a low-security solution. Unattended, it can be damaged and even stolen.

Especially when you store your vehicle for a relatively long time (winter storage, long trip, etc.) In order to avoid this type of incident and don’t run any risk, we advise you to have your vehicle guarded in a secure car park. This solution will allow you to travel and store your vehicle in complete peace. Our agents take care of your belongings.

A security gain for your vehicle

The secure car parks that we put at your disposal are located near the big airports of the French Riviera. These include Nice and Cannes-Mandelieu airports. These security places ensure you a safe and reliable deposit of your vehicles during more or less long periods, and always according to your needs. They are open and accessible every day only for the owners of the vehicles stored there. In this way, we offer you to benefit from a reliable, secure and flexible wintering and stowage service.

The guard service is a secure parking solution, allowing you to store your vehicles during your trips and stays out of town. Our teams manage the site professionally and ensure that accidents don’t disrupt your stay. In addition, we offer you a transfer to the airport when you drop off a vehicle in one of our secure car parks !

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